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Franklin County Families Receive Help And Hope Through HEAP

1, 2010

Families in Franklin County without gas or electric service are turning to Impact Community Action starting today.

HEAP Helps Low Income Ohioans Stay Warm

8, 2010

Frigid winter weather is forcing some low-income Ohioans to choose between adequate heat and other necessities. But federal assistance is helping thousands of people in Franklin County stay warm this winter. It’s called HEAP and it helps pay for heat in winter and cooling in the summer.

New Help for Low Income Families

March 12, 2009

Some Ohioans who don’t qualify for government help with their winter heating bills may be eligible for some special aid from a new source. Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen has details.

HEAP offers financial relief for heat costs

9, 2007

With temperatures in some parts of Central Ohio reaching 100 degrees today Columbus residents are feeling the heat. Keeping cool inside the home has become a challenge for many – especially low income families. But there are options available to ease the burden of paying to stay cool.