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Non-Profits Question Possible Conflict In Federal Health Care Law

Navigators are different from insurance agents and brokers because they can’t promote or sell insurance plans.
14, 2013

In preparation for the health care exchange element of the federal Affordable Care Act, the government will designate groups as navigator to help guide people through the system. But some non-profit groups say an Ohio law leaves them out of the process.

“Navigators” Prepare To Help Ohioans Understand Health Care Law

Cafaro’s bill takes many elements of the bipartisan reform bill that has yet to be heard in committee – but she says those elements will save the state money through cost efficiency and legislative oversight.
August 13, 2013

The federal government is preparing to implement more parts of the Affordable Care Act which includes several pieces that may be confusing to the typical consumer. Among those potentially-confusing areas is “navigators,” who will help people understand the health care law.

Senate Democrat Backs New Medicaid Expansion Plan

Cafaro’s bill takes many elements of the bipartisan reform bill that has yet to be heard in committee – but she says those elements will save the state money through cost efficiency and legislative oversight.
July 31, 2013

A Democratic state senator says politics are holding up Medicaid expansion and reform, so she’s proposing a bill that she says will force the issue. But Republicans leaders still appear hesitant to expand the program.

Kasich, Democrats Rally For Medicaid Expansion

photo (9)
Hundreds of supporters of expanding Ohio's Medicaid program gathered inside the Statehouse on Tuesday.
10, 2013

Governor John Kasich continues to side with Democrats and their allies over expanding Ohio’s Medicaid program. But some lawmakers who side with the governor are losing patience and think he could do more.

Report: Ohio Faces Dentist Shortage, Likely To Get Worse

A total of 79 Ohio counties are on the list of those without enough dentists.
14, 2013

A new report says 79 of Ohio’s 88 counties don’t have enough dentists.

Insurance Commissioner, Advocates Spar Over ACA Effects

Ohio Lt. Governor Mary Taylor says the study backs up a projection in 2011 saying premiums would rise with the ACA.
June 14, 2013

Lt. Governor and state insurance commissioner Mary Taylor is touting a new report that says federal health care mandates will drive up premiums as much as 88 percent. Supporters of the Affordable Cafe Act says she’s using misleading numbers.

GOP Legislators Move To Penalize Insurers Taking Fed. Subsidies

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March 7, 2013

Some Republican state lawmakers want to suspend the licenses of any Ohio insurers receiving subsidies under the Affordable Cafe Act.

Ohio Start-Up Aims To Harness “Big Data” Of Health Care

Explorys got its start three years ago from an idea hatched by a Cleveland Clinic physician who mined the hospital’s database to uncover trends and insights for his practice.
5, 2013

The healthcare industry is undergoing huge changes as the Affordable Care Act introduces new business models that reward efficiencies. The shift to “outcome-based payments” has hospital administrators experimenting with new tools to help cut costs. One Ohio start-up is monetizing the “big data” in the new era of healthcare.

State Health Officials Tell Hospitals To Shelve Rape Kits

DeWine declined to blame the problem on the non-profit employing developmentally disabled people. He called it an issue of "poor supervision."
28, 2013

Attorney General Mike DeWine says investigators noticed a problem with the kits from Pickaway Diversified Industries when several kits from obviously-unrelated cases tested positive for the same DNA.

Medicaid Creates Rift Between Kasich, Tea Party Groups

Gov. John Kasich has repeatedly defended his decision to accept federal funding to expand Medicaid. Farther-right organizations like the Ohio Liberty Coalition oppose the expansion of government-funded health care.
February 22, 2013

Ohio Governor John Kasich is one of the nation’s most conservative governors. The Tea Party Movement also proudly proclaims conservative principles. But the two are at odds over the governor’s proposal to expand Medicaid to an extra 275,000 low-income Ohio adults.