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After One Year, Hollywood Casino Bringing Investment On West Side

Inside Hollywood Casino Columbus_slots
Hollywood Casino Columbus at center of redevelopment of West Side.
7, 2013

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Hollywood Casino Columbus on the West Side. Supporters call the location a crucial part of redevelopment while critics say the promises made have not been kept.

Rep. Kilroy Calls For Auto Franchise Trimming Moratorium

15, 2009

Yesterday Chrysler notified dozens of Ohio dealers that their franchises would be terminated. Today General Motors is doing the same thing. Ohio Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy is calling for a one-month delay in the terminations.

Presidents Day Sales Give Car Dealers Hope

16, 2009

Presidents Day is traditionally a big day for retail sales – especially car sales. A General Motors dealer in Columbus says he is encouraged by the number of cars he’s selling. The sales come despite the auto industry being in an apparent free-fall.

Domestic Auto Maker Collapse Would Hurt Central Ohio

20, 2008

A Democratic Congress that’s unwilling or unable to approve a $25 billion bailout for Detroit’s Big Three appears ready to punt the automakers’ fate to a lame-duck Republican president. Caught in the middle of a who-blinks-first standoff are legions of manufacturing firms and auto dealers — and millions of Americans’ jobs.