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Ohio Harvest Boosted By Summer Rains

corn field in ohio
Ohio farmers expect this year's corn and soybean harvest to reach near records.
17, 2013

Ohio farmers are expected to reap a near record harvest of corn and soybeans.

Farm Bill Recieves Support from Religious Groups

10, 2007

Donations are down and food is running out at Ohio food banks. Religious and anti-hunger advocates are not just looking for canned donations, but also for some charitable action from the Senate. Religious groups have always weighed in on the food stamp program, but this time they are linking farm policies to poverty, nutrition and environmentalism. Senate Democrats are trying to bring the bill back to the floor this week.

Ohio Advocates for the Poor says more working families need help with food.

November 13, 2007

Study says one of every ten Ohioans needs help procuring food.

World Harvest verdict to be appealed

19, 2007

World Harvest Church plans to appeal a multi-million dollar verdict rendered by a Franklin County jury yesterday. Two parents sued the mega church and one of its former day care workers for allegedly abusing their two-year-old child last year.

Ohio’s corn harvest to reflect nation’s record-breaking predictions

10, 2007

The U.S.D.A. predicts the country’s corn harvest will reach about 13 billion bushels this year. That’s a 24 percent increase over last year’s crop. And if the forecast is accurate this will be the largest crop since 1933. Jim Ramey is Ohio’s field office director with the National Agriculture Statistics Service. Ramey said the corn harvest – though it has experienced some problems with drought – is looking good. Click on the icon to hear the interview.

Farmers Anticipate Good Corn and Soybean Harvests.

20, 2006

Thousands of farmers from Ohio and surrounding states take a break from harvest this week to take in the Farm Science Review near London, Ohio. But, there’s growing worry that rail and river transportation systems will be strained by this fall’s harvest.

Ohioan Helps Harvest Wheat on the Great Plains

Combine operator Matt Yarnell looks past a cloud of wheat chaff
June 27, 2006

A Marion, Ohio resident finds solitary work on the Great Plains — harvesting wheat.

Ohio Corn Farmers Slow to Harvest

1, 2005

Its early November and nearly half of Ohio’s corn crop is still standing in the field. Harvest has been a bit slow compared to last year as some farmers respond to unfavorable markets.