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Ohio Lawmaker Says Proposal Would Help Keep Guns out of the Hands of Young People

18, 2007

Last week’s shooting at a Cleveland high school has once again made gun control an issue in Ohio.

Giant gun fires simulated space junk

Engineers at the University of Dayton Research Institute prepare to fire the world's only three stage light-gas gun.
June 27, 2007

Engineers in Dayton have developed a 45 foot long gun that uses compressed hydrogen and a pound of gunpowder to shoot aluminum pellets into a vacuum at 20 thousand miles per hour. It’s taken them nine years of gradual progress and patience to get this one-of-a-kind gun working.

Ohio Legislature to Eliminate Local Gun Laws

12, 2006

The Ohio Senate has joined the House in overriding Governor Taft’s veto of a bill that wipes out local gun laws.

Ohio House Overrides Taft Veto on Gun Bill

7, 2006

The Ohio House has voted to override Governor Taft’s veto of a bill that restricts the ability of cities to pass their own gun laws.