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Benefit or Burden: The Impact of Rising Health Insurance on Non Profits

Staff at the Godman Guild have brightened people's lives on Columbus' Near North Side for 109 years
October 19, 2007

When Henry Godman’s workers were turning out thousands of pairs of shoes in a downtown factory, the Columbus businessman did not have to worry about calculating health insurance benefits because there weren’t any. That business from the late 1800s is long gone, but the Godman Guild, a social services agency, has about 2 dozen workers who do receive health care as part of their benefits package. The Guild was recently hit with a steep and unexpected 23 percent health insurance increase.

Computer Glitch Risk’s Children’s Safety

15, 2007

Computer systems experts today are working with county children’s services agencies to eliminate glitches in a critical data-sharing program. At stake: the safety of thousands of abused or neglected children.