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Lack of Grocery Stores Plagues Columbus’ Inner-City Neighborhoods

King Lincoln's Most Popular Grocery, Carl Brown's, Has Shut Its Doors
18, 2011

The latest installment of WOSU-TV’s Columbus Neighborhoods series is a film documenting the history of the King Lincoln district. Over the years the neighborhood has struggled to hold onto something most people take for granted: a grocery store. The King Lincoln neighborhood is not alone; so-called food deserts plague the inner city.

Savvy Shoppers Hurt Grocery Sales

29, 2010

Shoppers at local grocery stores are saving money, but that may not be good for some stores. The continued downturn in the economy led to steep drops in grocery store earnings for the parent company of Save A Lot. Shoppers on the near East Side claim they have to shop smart.

Ohio Seeks Grocery Tax Revenue

17, 2008

Ohio seeks restoration of grocery tax the Strickland administration has askedthe Ohio Supreme Court to restore a tax on groceries that was struck down by a state court of appeals.

Grocery Stores Restock as Power Returns

19, 2008

Some 300,000 Ohioans remain without power more than five days after high winds roared across the state. After Tuesday, anyone who saw the power come back on likely faced a trip to the grocery store to replace items lost in dark refrigerators and freezers.

Grocery Store Opens In Near East Side Neighborhood.

22, 2008

On East Main Street in Columbus, a new grocery store opened Wednesday. The Sav-a-Lot store will try to make a profit in an area that other grocers abandoned years ago.