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Ohio State Greenhouse Garden Grows Vegetables For Campus Dining

OSU Horticulture Professor James Metzger examines some of the green leafy lettuce students are growing at the greenhouse.
30, 2014

Ohio State University students and other volunteers have launched a greenhouse garden that will provide some fresh produce for student dining halls when it’s most needed.

U-S Senators From Ohio Split Votes On EPA Rules.

11, 2010

Ohio’s two U-S senators split their votes on a proposed measure to limit the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency. Republican George Voinovich voted in favor of a resolution to prevent the federal agency from imposing greenhouse gas rules on states without congressional approval. Democrat Sherrod Brown voted to keep the EPA’s authority in tact.

Is Clean Coal the Solution?

21, 2009

Coal power plants produce close to 90% of Ohio’s electricity but they’re also the primary source of greenhouse gases. For this reason scientists at Ohio State and other places are looking for ways to keep burning coal without emitting carbon dioxide. WOSU’s David Lukofsky reports on the controversial “clean coal” technology.

Two Area Members Of Congress Weigh Decisions On “Climate Change

27, 2009

The federal Environmental Protection Agency says emissions of carbon dioxide and a handful of other gases now threaten human health. The finding is expected to give impetus to efforts in congress this year to pass “climate change” legislation and two Central Ohio democratic representatives are in the crosshairs of carbon politics.

Biofuel Production Raises Concerns Over Deforestation

4, 2008

As Ohio prepares to invest millions of dollars in development of bioproducts to increase jobs, environmentalists consider ways to identify and measure the downside of such a move.