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30,000 Veterans Buried in Columbus’ Green Lawn Cemetery

May 28, 2007

Columbus’s Green Lawn Cemetery has about 30,000 veterans buried on its grounds. Every year volunteers try as best they can to decorate all the graves of service men and women with an American flag

Green View Estates 1st “Green” Columbus Subdivision

January 3, 2007

Construction on the first house in the new Green View Estates subdivision off Mock Road in northeast Columbus is underway. About 30 houses, projected in the $120,000 to nearly $200,000 price range, may seem steep to residents. But construction will follow stringent energy efficient guidelines and environmentally friendly building practices.

New Lazarus Could be one of the “Greenest” Buildings in the U.S.

Construction nears completion on The Galleria, the new entrance to the Lazarus Building from Town Street
January 2, 2007

In just a few days hundreds of employees from the Department of Job and Family Services will move into the re-conditioned Lazarus building at Town and High streets in downtown Columbus. The former department store has been retro-fitted so that now it’s considered an environmentally friendly “green” building.

Critics say blue bags won’t help Columbus recycling rate

10, 2005

Mayor Michael Coleman calls the city of Columbus’s recycling efforts pitiful. Just 3% of households participate in the city’s current curbside recycling program. The mayor is planning a new pilot recycling program to boost participation, but some warn it may be trouble.

Mayor Coleman pushes green agenda

28, 2005

Mayor Michael Coleman wants Columbus to “get green.” among the proposals pitched by the mayor as he led reporters on a tour today are renovation of the Lazarus building, changes in recycling efforts, the development of a bird sanctuary near downtown and a program to reduce lead exposure in homes.