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Accused “Peeping Tom” Videotaper Commits Suicide

38-year-old John Hayes was arrested August 29 after authorities searched his home on a child pornography search warrant.
September 6, 2012

Grandview Heights resident John Hayes was reportedly found dead by a coworker Wednesday.

Grandview Heights H.S. Disinfected for MRSA

19, 2010

Antibiotic-resistant staph is more often associated with hospitals and nursing, but it’s also in the community…and that includes schools. A Grandview Heights school recently was disinfected after someone there came down with the infection.

Fire Diminishes Ambiance of Grandview

22, 2009

Investigators continue to look for the cause of last week’s devastating fire in the center of Grandview. The blaze destroyed a block of buildings and left business owners scrambling to find new homes.

Grandview residents “shocked” at local theatre’s closing

The Drexel Grandview theatre is set to close its door at the end of September. It's popular for its independent and foreign films.
September 4, 2008

It’s a dying breed – the single screen movie theater. They are disappearing fast, unable to compete with the fancy new multi-plexes with their digital surround sound and stadium seating with cup holders.The latest victim is the historical Drexel Grandview theatre. It is set to close at the end of the month. WOSU found neighbors shocked to hear their beloved movie house is closing its doors.

Police say brothels are not that unusual in Columbus

9, 2005

Columbus police say more indictments are possible in connection with the closure of an alleged brothel on Third Avenue. Police say the brothel operated for 12 years before detectives raided it last month. And detectives say there likely are other brothels out there.