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Medicaid Expansion Plan In Ohio Takes Another Hit

A top Republican in the Ohio Legislature says the Senate's version of the state budget won't include the governor's proposed Medicaid expansion.
24, 2013

Gov. John Kasich’s plan to expand health care coverage for low-income Ohioans has been dealt another blow.

JobsOhio: Foes’ Infighting Shows Lawsuit Flawed

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April 13, 2013

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s job-creation agency is taking advantage of infighting among opponent lawyers to call the legal basis of their constitutional challenge into question.

Ohio Nonprofit’s Video Targets Kasich Drilling Tax

fracking well
A group called Opportunity Ohio has launched an online video series opposing Governor Kasich's proposed tax hike on gas and oil production.
2, 2013

A conservative nonprofit has launched an online video series opposing Republican Gov. John Kasich’s proposed tax hike on oil and gas production.

Chris Schmenk Out As Ohio Development Services Chief

Christiane Schmenk is out at the Ohio Department of Development Services Agency
March 14, 2013

Governor Kaisch has appointed David Goodman to replace Christiane Schmenk as head of the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Ohio Treasurer Mandel Thinks Tax Hike Will Scare Industry Away

The 3,200 member Ohio Oil and Gas Association holds its annual meeting in Columbus amid protests over a proposed state tax increase.
March 7, 2013

A fellow Republican state official has come out against Gov. John Kasich’s proposed tax increase on drillers.

Ohio Gov Sees Medicaid Ally In Food Bank Backers

Governor John Kasich
Governor Kasich wants food bank supporters to lobby Republicans to back his plan to expand Medicaid.
February 28, 2013

Gov. John Kasich is imploring supporters of the state’s food banks to help him convince his fellow Republicans in the Legislature to extend Medicaid coverage to thousands of Ohio residents.

Governor Slated To Give Major Speech Tomorrow In Lima

Governor John Kasich
Governor Kasich plans to deliver his state of the state speech Tuesday in Lima.
February 18, 2013

Governor Kasich’s annual state of the state speech is scheduled for delivery tomorrow in Lima.

Gov. Kasich’s Medicaid Choice Aligns With His Approach

Governor John Kasich
Gov. John Kasich
February 9, 2013

Ohio’s Republican governor is supporting the expansion of Medicaid, one of the biggest government programs. While that appears to be a contradiction in terms for a conservative governor who’s rejected federal stimulus money, it’s on point with the matter-of-fact approach of Gov. John Kasich.

State Budget Proposal Would Halt County Sales Tax Increase

Kasich unveils budget
Ohio counties may be prevented from raising sales taxes under Governor Kasich's proposed two year budget.
6, 2013

Governor Kasich’s proposed two-year state budget would restore $28 million dollars to the local government fund, but prevent local governments from raising sales taxes.

Groups Look To Sway Ohioans On Medicaid Expansion

Governor John Kasich is expected to decide soon whether Ohio should opt for the Medicaid expansion under the federal Affordable Care Act.
February 1, 2013

A group of hospitals, insurers and religious organizations are seeking support from state lawmakers to expand Medicaid, even as Ohio’s governor has yet to say whether he’ll push to cover more low-income adults.