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Regulatory Burdens – Two Firms Try to Cope

31, 2011

Political leaders in Ohio and across the country complain that government regulations are preventing many businesses from expanding. Ohio Governor John Kasich says Ohio has one of the toughest business environments.

OSU Researcher: Trust in Government a Predictor of Homicide Rate

December 6, 2009

Ohio State History Professor Randolph Roth and his colleagues reviewed four centuries of murders in the U-S and Western Europe and came to some unexpected conclusions about why the homicide rate rises and falls.

Election Looms As Two Sides Debate Income Tax Hike

WOSU's Mike Thompson, middle, moderates the debate between Andrew Ginther, left, and Bill Todd, right.
30, 2009

Tonight, WOSU hosted the last official debate before the August 4th special election to increase Columbus’ income tax from 2% to 2.5%.

Electricity Prices May Stay in Hands of Government

23, 2008

Ohio legislators are continuing to hear conflicting testimony about whether they should keep having state government control electricity rates. At the moment, the Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to lose its regulatory power over electric bills, starting next year. But the Ohio Senate has approved a bill bringing back government price controls and a legislative committee in the house is now looking at it.

Stock market plunge bad news for state government

22, 2008

The plunge in the stock market might signal a decline in tax revenues for state government in Ohio. That, in turn, could mean a decline in state services.

Even More Money for College a Possibility

23, 2007

Officials at state-supported universities and community colleges across Ohio are now hopeful they will receive a boost of government dollars that’s even larger than the one Governor Ted Strickland has proposed. That’s because Republicans who dominate the Ohio House of Representatives are vowing to pump even more state money into higher education.

MIT professor offers new perspective on emergency preparedness

14, 2005

A leading corporate crisis researcher and professor at MIT was the keynote speaker at a symposium at OSU’s Center for Resilience Friday. Yossi Sheffi is using his research to look into how all levels of government can be better prepared in the event of an emergency.