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House Holds Evening Hearing To Hear From Teachers On Common Core

Common Core 7th Hearing (1)
Several teacher attended the Tuesday evening hearing on a bill to repeal Common Core education standards in Ohio.
15, 2014

An Ohio House committee took an odd step Tuesday in hosting an evening hearing to allow teachers to testify about a bill to repeal the new education standards known as Common Core.

Westerville Man Gets 100 Months In Prison For Tax Scheme

File photo
22, 2014

The mastermind of a $3.5 tax fraud scheme that unraveled because the conspirators misspelled the names of common cities on forms has been sentenced to more than eight years in prison.

Youngstown Mayor Indicted On 25 Felony Charges

Youngstown Mayor John McNally faces 25 felony counts and 9 misdemeanor charges, stemming from his time as a Mahoning County commissioner.
15, 2014

The State Attorney General and Cuyahoga County prosecutor say corruption charges have been filed against Youngstown’s Mayor, Mahoning County’s auditor and a former candidate for county prosecutor.

State Parks To Get Big Upgrade

Hocking Hills
Through a website, parks visitors will help decide which camp sites, cabins, lodges, restrooms, shower houses, trails, roads and wastewater treatment facilities see improvements.
23, 2014

State officials are preparing to invest $88.5 million to upgrade and modernize trails, campgrounds and recreational facilities in Ohio’s state parks over the next two years.

Kasich Heads To Medina For State Of The State Speech

Kasich took his second State of the State on the road to Steubenville in 2012. He gave the 2013 address in Lima.
24, 2014

The Ohio media descends on the northeast Ohio city of Medina tonight as Governor John Kasich gives his fourth State of the State address.

Senate Leaders Look Ahead For 2014

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13, 2014

Lawmakers are back for the second year of the legislature’s two year session. And while they passed nearly 60 bills last year, there are hundreds more bills that have been introduced.

Sequester Cuts Sting Local Agencies

Meals on Wheels kitchen
Meals on Wheels in Franklin County could serve fewer meals if sequester cuts are not restored this year.
16, 2013

The first round of budget cuts known as sequester has tightened the coffers of many federal agencies, but may not be as devastating as first thought. As the new federal fiscal year approaches in October, some city officials work to maintain what they provide citizens; as businesses, universities and social service agencies brace for more changes.

Year In Review: Bills That Died In The Legislature In 2012

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26, 2012

For the second installment of our look back at state government in 2012, Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen has this review of some proposals that failed to get the approval of the General Assembly this year.

State Rep. Clayton Luckie Under Investgation

File photo
10, 2012

Just as one former state lawmaker starts to serve a prison sentence, there’s word that another current legislator is under investigation for possible criminal activity.

Ohio State Commits $50M To Financial Aid, Debt Continues To Grow

Ohio State University says it will give $50 million more in financial help to students for the next four years to help them pay for college.
9, 2012

A recent study says the cost of a college education has outpaced inflation for decades and more students are paying those costs with borrowed money. In the U.S., total student loan debt now tops $1 trillion and the average student debt is $25,000