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Drake Takes Over At OSU

Drake, the university's first black president, begins work today.
June 30, 2014

Michael Drake becomes the first African-American president at Ohio State University when he assumes the school’s top post today.

Higher Ed Agency Approves WVU’s Selection Of Gee

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission today officially named Gordon Gee President of West Virginia University.
10, 2014

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission has approved Gordon Gee’s appointment as West Virginia University’s permanent president.

Gee Named Permanent President At WVU

Members of the West Virginia University Board of Governors wear Gee's signature bow tie in a recent photo.
3, 2014

The university’s Board of Governors named the 70-year-old Gee to take over the permanent job on Monday during an emergency meeting in Morgantown.

Gordon Gee Named Interim President At West Virginia University

Ohio State University president emeritus Gordon Gee has been appointed interim president at West Virginia University
6, 2013

Gordon Gee is returning to West Virginia University as interim president, five months after controversial remarks led to his retirement as president at Ohio State University.

Retired OSU President Gee Claims Retirement Compensation Fair

Ohio State University President Gordon Gee
Former OSU President E. Gordon Gee.
31, 2013

The former president of Ohio State University who retired earlier this month amidst controversial comments, remains at OSU under a new agreement. Details released this week show Gordon Gee will receive a large one time payout and annual compensation that totals several million dollars.

Ohio State Presidential Search Panel To Begin Work

A committee made up of Ohio State University trustees, faculty members and students will begin its search this week for a replacement for Gordon Gee. Gee resigned as president of the university July 1st.
16, 2013

The search for Ohio State University’s next president will formally begin Friday with the first meeting of a search committee that includes trustees, faculty and students.

Ohio State Renovates New Offices For Former President Gee

Former OSU president Gordon Gee at campus event
10, 2013

Ohio State University says it will spend $190,000 to renovate new offices for former president Gordon Gee.
Gee left the president’s office on the other side of the campus oval on July 1st after some of his remarks demeaning catholics and other college athletic conferences were published.

Commentary: OSU’s Gordon Gee Joins Special Club : The Whoppers

Ray Bliss, E. Gordon Gee - Members of the "Whoppers" Club
1, 2013

When Gordon Gee announced his retirement as Ohio State president, Gee joined a special club. Gee joined the Whoppers. They’re an unofficial association of high-profile public figures whose public reasons for quitting don’t match the real reasons.

An Era Ends At OSU

Gee became known for his outgoing personality and random appearances at campus events.
1, 2013

Ohio State University President Gordon Gee leaves the school’s top post Monday. The 69-year-old is known as a prolific fundraiser and leaves office after making off-color comments about Catholics, the Southeastern Conference, and others.

Gee Stands To Earn $671K For Extra Day’s Work

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee
7, 2013

Retiring Ohio State University President Gordon Gee attended his last board of trustees meeting Friday. Meanwhile WOSU has learned that Gee will receive more than a half-million dollars in retirement credits by stepping down July 1st rather than a day earlier.