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A Friend Recalls George Steinbrenner

14, 2010

New York Yankees owner and Ohio native George Steinbrenner died Tuesday, a little over a week after his 80th birthday. Steinbrenner, who was born in Rocky River near Cleveland, had been in fragile health for years. The New York Yankees won 7 World Series championships during Steinbrenner’s ownership. A friend and former Yankees employee Dick Smith commented Tuesday in Columbus on his long-standing relationship with Steinbrenner.

Ohioan Recalls Civil Rights Struggles in Birmingham

18, 2009

Americans are celebrating the life of Doctor Martin Luther King Junior, the civil rights leader whose followers brought tremendous change to the South. One of the places were Doctor King labored was Birmingham, Alabama, a city whose fabric included fire hoses, police dogs and Bull Connor. In the first in a series of recollections by Ohioans, a Birmingham native recalls what it was like growing up during the struggle for civil rights.