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Laura Bush stumps for the president

14, 2004

First Lady Laura Bush was in Columbus Tuesday morning campaigning for her husband. She spoke at the Clintonville Woman’s Club.

Campaign visits cost Columbus thousands

17, 2004

When it comes to presidential campaigning few states are getting more attention than Ohio. The buckeye state is considered a key battleground in the upcoming election and so candidates are making appearances, more than 40 so far this year including 6 visits to Columbus. As part of a 2-part series, WOSU’s Tamara Keith examines the impact of all this campaigning.

President Bush visits Columbus

30, 2003

President Bush told supporters at a Columbus fund-raiser today that he’s laying the foundation for an Ohio victory and a national re-election victory in the fall of 2004. But he says he’s still got a job to do – to keep nation secure,strong, prosperous and free.