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Harris: Principals May Have Received Bonuses For Changing Records

A Columbus City Schools internal auditor recently told the school board that she's found evidence of school attendance data being changed outside of the normal window for adjustments.
August 7, 2012

Columbus City Schools superintendent Gene Harris says some principals might have received financial bonuses by changing student attendance records to boost their state report card numbers.

New Allegations In Columbus City Schools Data Rigging

Columbus City Schools superintendent Gene Harris is accused of interfering in a 2004 internal audit.
August 3, 2012

A former Columbus City Schools auditor alleges the superintendent interfered during a student attendance probe in 2004.

Pollution Fine Helps Fund Columbus Science Classes

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U.S. Attorney, Carter Stewart, (center next to podium) presents check from anti-pollution settlement to Columbus City Schools superintendent Gene Harris and others at Grange Audubon Center on Whittier Peninsula.
13, 2011

A federal court settlement in a pollution case against a Columbus factory will allow Columbus elementary school students to get hands-on science instruction. Students in ten southside elementary schools next year will be taking some classes at the new Metroparks Scioto Peninsula Audubon Center.

Columbus Public Schools Emerge From Academic Emergency

15, 2003

The Columbus Public Schools have emerged from academic emergency – the state’s lowest classification for school district performance.