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Ohio Lawmaker Seeks Repeal Of Anti Gay Marriage Amendment.

16, 2009

n 2004, Ohio voters okayed a constitutional amendment that bans gay marriage and domestic partner benefits, granted by state government. Now, a state legislator proposes a new ballot measure that, if passed, would repeal the anti-gay marriage amendment.

Gay Rights Activists Push To Expand Civil Rights Law

May 27, 2009

Gay rights advocates are once again pushing Ohio legislators to expand the state’s civil rights law. The activists say that sexual orientation should be added to the list of other factors that are already banned as the basis for discrimination — for example, race, religion, national origin, gender, and age. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports that — even though more and more lawmakers appear ready to co-sponsor the measure, it still faces an uphill battle.

Advocates Push Gay-Rights Bill

11, 2008

A bipartisan group of state lawmakers says a bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation has its best chance of passage this year.

Same-sex households bring in less money, study shows

22, 2008

A new study shows thousands of same-sex couples in Ohio are raising kids, but the report also busts what the study’s author calls some common myths.

Loft Condo Auction: A Sign of the Times?

October 26, 2007

At least eight downtown loft condominiums in the Carlyles Watch development will be sold this Sunday at auction. The unusual sale could be the result of a bottomed-out real estate market, faltering downtown redevelopment or a glut of condos perceived as overpriced.

Ohio Supreme Court Takes Up Domestic Violence Case.

12, 2006

The Ohio Supreme Court today is scheduled to look at what the state’s gay marriage ban means for unmarried Ohioans in domestic violence cases. The high court will hear arguments in the case of a man from Warren County in southwestern Ohio accused of assaulting his live-in girlfriend.

House Bill Could Ban Same-Sex Couples From Adopting

13, 2006

Right now same-sex couples in Ohio can serve as foster parents and adopt children. But if some republican state representatives get their way all of that could change.

Columbus gays hail Massachusetts ruling

18, 2003

Central Ohio’s large gay population is celebrating today’s ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Court. The decision said it is unconstitutional to ban gay marriage. The decision does not affect Ohio directly, but it’s already having an impact on the debate over a proposed gay marriage ban.