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Nationwide Realty Had Ties To Failed Pittsburgh Casino Bid

18, 2009

One of the leading opponents to a downtown Columbus casino was very much for a similar development in Pittsburgh. Nationwide Realty Investors is credited with guiding the development of the very successful Columbus Arena District. Four years ago Nationwide wanted to build a similar district in Pittsburgh; but that one would have included a casino.

New Law Cracks Down on Slot-Like Games

25, 2007

A crackdown on electronic gaming machines that look and operate a lot like slot machines has just taken effect across Ohio.

Ohio House Votes to Ban Gaming Machines

October 10, 2007

Ohio legislators have begun a crackdown on electronic games they say are tantamount to illegal slot machines.

Judge OK’s Some Games Targeted by Attorney General

4, 2007

Ohio’s attorney general has ordered the unplugging of an estimated 50,000 electronic gaming machines. Marc Dann says the games amount to illegal slot machines.

Gov. Strickland Says He’ll Veto Horse Race Replays Gaming

12, 2007

Gov. Ted Strickland is threatening a veto if Ohio legislators move ahead with a plan to legalize betting on video-tape replays of old horse races from around the country.