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A New Type Of American Car

2, 2009

With GM and Ford having filed for Chapter-11 bankruptcy, it’s unclear what the horizon looks like for the American auto industry. But despite a shower of bad news, some young engineers remain excited at the idea of designing new cars for American roads.

Buy Local Movement Gets Boost from High Fuel Costs

13, 2008

Kroger, Giant Eagle, Wal Mart and other major grocers are featuring local produce.

State fair vendors’ profits affected by rising fuel and food costs

An Ohio State Fair concessions stand advertises cheaper lemonade. Many vendors have increased prices due to rising fuel and food costs.
July 30, 2008

Although gas prices have decreased after hovering at the $4 mark for weeks, food prices continue to rise. As the Ohio State Fair opened its doors Wednesday WOSU found out how rising fuel and food costs affect carnival vendors’ bottom lines.

Record Gas Prices Bring Out Drivers’ Concern for Less Fortunate

29, 2008

The week began with new record-high gasoline prices.

Lobby group questions fuel standard legislation

31, 2007

When congress returns to Washington next week it will face major budget decisions and debate the Iraq War. But, the elected leaders are also set to consider fuel economy standards that one lobby group says help determine what types of vehicles are available in auto showrooms.

25 Percent Energy Independent By 2025?

20, 2006

Groups looking to lessen the nation’s dependency on foreign fuels came together for the first Ohio Renewable Energy Summit. The initiative in consideration would reduce the nation’s foreign fuel dependency by a quarter in less than two decades.

Ohio Farmers Fear Fuel Costs

20, 2005

Facing the highest fuel prices in years, Ohio farmers are looking for ways to cut costs during this harvest season.