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Major federal bust in Ohio

22, 2006

Seven former executives of a suburban Columbus company have been indicted for a total of 60 major crimes in what authorities are calling the largest fraud scheme ever uncovered in a private, non – traded company

IRS Suspects Wide-Spread Tax Fraud in Ohio

11, 2006

An Internal Revenue Service watchdog says hundreds of thousands of tax refunds for low-income taxpayers have been frozen.

Columbus police warn of fraudulent poker games

4, 2005

Columbus police detectives are warning poker players to be careful which games they play. The warning comes after the vice squad last month busted-up a fraudulent charity game.

Election officials, voter registration groups look to prevent fraud

2, 2004

Franklin County elections officials Wednesday met with represenatives from the voter registration group, ACORN. Officials say some registration cards submitted by ACORN workers were fraudulent. Both sides say they are taking steps to ensure it does not happen again.