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Foster Kids Who Age Out of Care Face Tough Road

11, 2010

Many rites of passages come along with turning eighteen…high school graduation, voting, entering the work force or college. For most young people it means the first time away from home and parents – an exciting, albeit scary, time for which many teens have been anxiously waiting for years. But for youth who reach the age of majority while in foster care, the rite of passage comes with additional challenges.

New Adoption Law Will Help Foster Parents and Pregnant Moms

28, 2009

A new state law aims to make adoption easier in the state of Ohio. The legislation makes it easier for foster parents to adopt and could lessen burdens on mothers who choose to give up their babies for adoption.

Ohio Senate to Consider Bill on Foster Parents

11, 2007

Last year’s death of a three-year-old Butler County boy at the hands of his foster parents is prompting continued debate among Ohio legislators over how to prevent future cases of abuse.

New System Proposed to Protect Foster Children

10, 2007

Some Ohio lawmakers are touting a new bill that they say will better protect children in foster care.

Family Services Director Questions Report on Foster Parent Program

28, 2006

People who want to be foster parents should be prepared for more background checks, more training, and more visits from social workers.