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Yoga Students Reach Out to Food Pantries

28, 2009

Many Columbus food pantries offer fresh produce to those in need. The challenge is often keeping a steady supply of the fruits and vegetables. At a South Champion Avenue pantry, crates of fruits and vegetables come courtesy of some special karma.

Boost in Food Stamp Funds Boosts Economy

The Ohio Direction card replaced food stamps in 2008.
July 27, 2009

For the past four months, food stamp recipients in central Ohio have been receiving an average of nearly 30% more money.

Advocates Push For Hormone-Free Milk In Schools

13, 2009

A non-profit consumer advocacy group wants Congress to keep schools from buying lunch milk that contains artificial growth hormones. But dairy farmers say any changes to the bill would hurt farmers that choose to use the treatments.

Demand Builds At Southern Ohio Food Pantries.

2, 2009

Advocates for the needy in Ohio say as the economic crisis drags on, they fear not only for populations they work with, but for the charities and agencies that help them. In Fairfield County, one agency says it still has resources that allow it to take its mission on the road.

Food Pantries, Charities Strained by Large Demand

5, 2008

Job cuts and soaring prices are straining the budgets and workloads of local churches and groups that help Ohio families living in poverty.

Southside Columbus Food Pantry Distributes Thanksgiving Food.

26, 2008

This year has brought lob losses, budget cuts and rising bills. And some people are finding it hard to be thankful. Last year, Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler went to a Columbus food pantry just before Thanksgiving. She went back to find out how clients and volunteers are holding up going into the holiday season.

State fair vendors’ profits affected by rising fuel and food costs

An Ohio State Fair concessions stand advertises cheaper lemonade. Many vendors have increased prices due to rising fuel and food costs.
July 30, 2008

Although gas prices have decreased after hovering at the $4 mark for weeks, food prices continue to rise. As the Ohio State Fair opened its doors Wednesday WOSU found out how rising fuel and food costs affect carnival vendors’ bottom lines.

Farm Bill Recieves Support from Religious Groups

10, 2007

Donations are down and food is running out at Ohio food banks. Religious and anti-hunger advocates are not just looking for canned donations, but also for some charitable action from the Senate. Religious groups have always weighed in on the food stamp program, but this time they are linking farm policies to poverty, nutrition and environmentalism. Senate Democrats are trying to bring the bill back to the floor this week.

Emergency Food Supplies Keep Dwindling.

7, 2007

Area foodbank officials will meet today to consider whether to spend some of next year’s allocated funds to re-stock emergency foodshelves now. Pantries and foodbanks in Central Ohio say increasing demand for food has depleted supplies.

State money available for summer food program for kids

6, 2007

During these dark winter days, Ohio Governor Strickland is thinking about summer. His office is launching a new program, Feed Ohio, to boost summer food services for children during the summer.