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Rebecca Parrett’s Sister Charged with Lying to Federal Officials

Rebecca Parrett
February 12, 2010

U.S. Marshals have arrested a Grove City woman accused of lying to federal authorities about the whereabouts of her sister, Rebecca Parrett.

Ohio State Names New Chief Financial Officer; $625,000 Salary

5, 2010

Ohio State University Board of Trustees announced the school’s new chief financial officer Friday afternoon. The job of CFO now pays considerably more than it did.

Economic Earthquake – Why Didn’t Experts Forsee It?

25, 2009

The current economic crisis has had disastrous consequents for many. WOSU’ Commentator Michael Ivey wonders why experts did not see it coming.

Historian Sees Few Similarities Between the Crash of ’29, the Great Depression and Now

10, 2008

Ohio University historian Paul Milazzo says the current financial crisis is unlike either the Crash of 1929 or the Great Depression of the 1930′s.

U.S. House Rejects Bailout Bill

29, 2008

On a vote of 207 to 226, the U-S House Monday rejected the $700 billion dollar bailout package

Ohio Treasurer Stresses Financial Literacy

22, 2007

Ohio is leading the nation in the number of personal bankruptcies.

Ohio Sends Dollars with Students to Private Schools, Forgoes Review of Financial Needs

17, 2006

52 million state dollars went to Ohio students attending in-state private colleges last year. The Ohio Board of Regents distributed the college aid in nine-hundred-dollar chunks by way of the Ohio Student Choice Grant. The Board requires that every grant recipient be an Ohio resident attending one of the state’s 63 private colleges but does not require review of a family’s income.

Justice Department Alleges $3 Billion Fraud Scheme

22, 2006

A federal grand jury in Columbus has indicted 7 former executives of National Century Financial Enterprises. U.S. Attorney Gregory Lockhart says in a Department of Justice release that company executives bilked investors by “building a financial house of cards.”