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Ohio Harvest Boosted By Summer Rains

corn field in ohio
Ohio farmers expect this year's corn and soybean harvest to reach near records.
17, 2013

Ohio farmers are expected to reap a near record harvest of corn and soybeans.

Oil Companies Compete For New Drill Sites In Eastern Ohio

Oil Storage
Oil storage tank in Knox County.
10, 2011

Improved drilling technology and a spike in crude oil prices is driving a mini-oil boom in an area of Eastern Ohio. The region sits atop a geology formation known as Utica shale. Oil and natural gas companies seek new leases from land owners in a bid to capture potential riches.

West Side Residents React to Having Casino In Their Part of Columbus

5, 2010

Residents on the West side either love or hate the idea of a casino in their part of town. They are not shy about expressing their views.