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Muirfield Avoids Controversy; Will Install Temporary Fence

Muirfield Village Golf Course
A look from former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Kent Mercker back yard in Muirfield where a temporary fence will go up sometime this summer. The golf club had considered a permanent fence
17, 2013

Muirfield Village Golf Club has decided to install a temporary fence for the President’s cup this fall instead of a permanent fence it was considering.

Muirfield Village Residents Fight Golf Club Fence Plan

Muirfield Village Golf Course
Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Kent Mercker removed several trees from his backyard and installed new windows in his home to improve his view of the golf course. Now a four-foot fence installed by the golf course could be part of the landscape.
9, 2013

In Muirfield, a good fence makes for a good fight. Neighbors are mobilizing to stop the Muirfield Village Golf Club from building a fence to surround the course.