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Ohio Will Market To Drone Industry Despite FAA Decision

The above photo, provided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, shows one of many possibilities for pilot-less aircraft.
13, 2014

Ohio may have lost its bid to become a federal testing site for drone aircraft, but the state will still try to increase drone-related business.

Small Airports Wary Of Proposed User Fee

Union County Airport Manager Ed Rusch inspects a plane owned by the Civil Air Patrol. If the proposed fee is approved, planes like this one would have to pay an additional $100 for every flight that takes place in controlled air space.
31, 2012

In the proposed budget for the Federal Aviation Administration next year, the Obama administration is asking for a $100-per-flight user fee on nearly every commercial flight in controlled airspace. It’s been denounced by the airline industry, but the proposal is especially concerning for pilots and operators at Ohio’s smaller airports.