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More Ohio Hog Farms Reporting Deadly Disease

PED mainly affects piglets and has a nearly 100 percent mortality rate.
21, 2014

The virus known as PED mainly affects piglets and has a nearly 100 percent mortality rate.

Circleville Dairy Farmer Builds Manure Lagoon.

2, 2010

The U-S Department of Agriculture recently promised international leaders it would reduce greenhouse gases emitted from large dairy herds. To keep the promise, many dairy farms will have to cover their manure lagoons. Tom Borgerding reports from Circleville, Ohio where one farmer hopes to convert greenhouse gases to money in his pocket

Citizen Groups Take On Factory Farms Over Water Pollution

27, 2009

Environmentalists battling so-called factory farms are hoping to bring smaller ground-level groups together to strengthen their forces. But supporters of large scale agriculture operations say they want to work with these groups rather than fight them.

Ohio Pig Farmers Feel Effects Of Swine Flu Coverage

29, 2009

The swine flu has brought increased attention to the practices of pig farmers. Ohio has more 4,000 pork producers.

Farm Group Leader Promotes Cash For Carbon Program

5, 2007

The Ohio Farmers Union this year unveils a new program to pay farmers for storing carbon on their land. The payments begin just as new reports surface that point to carbon dioxide emissions as a prime factor in global warming. But, at least one agricultural economist says the so-called carbon credits program will make little difference in the economics of farming.

Ag Department Revokes Ohio Fresh Eggs’ Permits

30, 2006

The Ohio agriculture department has revoked all 16 operating permits issued to the state’s largest egg producer.