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Dairy Assn Campaign Warns of “Spring Aroma”

April 23, 2009

Drivers in some Ohio counties are coming nose to nose with the aroma of manure wafting through the air.

Record-Breaking Crowd at Columbus Health Department Farmers’ Market

July 31, 2008

A record number of people turned out Thursday for the first of the city health department’s farmers’ markets this year.

County uses cornstalks to prevent snow drifting

18, 2007

Franklin County is using cornstalks to help keep country roads clear of snow. Franklin County Commissioners today approved a program which pays local farmers to leave cornstalks up over the winter.

Mount Gilead Farm Thrives on Produce Subscriptions

At the Clintonville Farmers Market, Ben and Lisa Sipple display produce from their Community Supported Agriculture farm.
July 23, 2007

Much attention is given to the problems facing family-owned farms in Ohio and elsewhere. Problems include weather, disappearing farmland, pollution from field run off, and a population that is increasingly non-rural. A small but growing idea tries to address all of these issues, except – of course – the weather.

Ohioans Fear Pollution from Factory Farms

7, 2005

The potential for pollution is a major concern for many Ohioans living next to factory farms. Government officials say state regulations are adequate protection. Environmentalists couldn’t disagree more.

Ohio Farmers Fear Fuel Costs

20, 2005

Facing the highest fuel prices in years, Ohio farmers are looking for ways to cut costs during this harvest season.

Women farmers grow in number

19, 2004

The latest census data from the agriculture Department shows more than 236,000 women were managing farms in the U-S in 2002 — up 13% from 1997. That works out to about one in every ten farms.