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Local Farm Thrives Thanks to Immigrant Customers

28, 2009

Across Ohio small family farms struggle to survive. As family farmers try to eke out a living they often face pressures to sell to larger farms or to housing developers. One Central Ohio farm is not only surviving but growing – thanks to the area’s growing immigrant population.

Farm groups comment on new bill

2, 2007

The leaders of Ohio’s two major farming groups have very different opinions on a key element of the 2007 Farm Bill, subsidies for farmers making what many people would consider big money.

Ohio Farmer Turned Comedian Regales Agriculture Crowd

Farmer & comedian Jay HendrenPhoto by Sam Hendren
April 28, 2006

Licking County, Ohio native Jay Hendren grew up on a farm near Johnstown and still puts in an occasional 15-hour day. But eight years ago he began to pursue a new line of work. He turned his farming experience into a comedy routine.