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Corn Harvest Going Well In Fayette Co., OH

September 24, 2007

Driving the back roads of Ohio may take a little longer this time of year. Farm machinery is headed to and from the field as trucks haul the harvest into town. The wind is whipping up dried corn leaves too, another sign that the corn harvest is underway. In Fayette County, southwest of Columbus, farmers might have a good crop year in spite of a shortage of rainfall.

Gov. Strickland Promotes Ohio Agriculture, Industry

Gov. Strickland Tuesday at the Farm Science Review
September 18, 2007

Governor Strickland had agriculture and industry on his mind Tuesday. Strickland spoke at the opening luncheon for the Farm Science Review near London.

Farm groups comment on new bill

2, 2007

The leaders of Ohio’s two major farming groups have very different opinions on a key element of the 2007 Farm Bill, subsidies for farmers making what many people would consider big money.

Factory Farms Irritate Ohio Neighbors

6, 2005

There are 148 Confined Animal Feeding Operations in the state of Ohio – with more CAFO’s as they’re called, on the way. These so-called mega farms have more than 100,000 chickens, 2,500 swine or 700 dairy cows. They require approval from the state department of agriculture’s environmental permitting section. But regardless of the numbers, these densely populated animal farms are irritating the folks next door. WOSU’s Sam Hendren reports

Corn and Soybean Harvest Begins

22, 2003

Ohio’s corn and soybean harvest is off to a slow start. But, two farm analysts say yields will be better in Ohio than in the rest of the Midwest grain belt due to rains during July and August.

Farm Aid makes its Ohio debut in Columbus

5, 2003

Sunday will be a great day of music at the Germain Amphitheater A who’s who in the music industry will take the stage at Polaris for Farm Aid 2003. The day-long jam session will benefit family farms in Ohio and across the nation.