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Bill Would Allow Execution For Violent Sexual Assault

Republican State Rep. John Becker says six other states already have a similar law in place.
August 28, 2013

A proposal to allow the death penalty people with multiple convictions of violent sexual assault goes against the recommendations of a task force studying Ohio’s execution policies.

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Overrule Hold On Ohio Executions

State leaders had argued any deviations from Ohio's death penalty law were too minor to warrant a hold on all execution.
8, 2012

The nation’s highest court has denied an appeal on the ruling that Ohio strayed too far from its own execution policies.

The Record Of Women On Death Row In Ohio

30, 2010

Ohio is set to execute a 9th convicted man in November. That would be the most in the state since executions resumed in 1999. In all, 40 men have been given lethal injections during the past 11 years. But, Ohio has not executed a woman since 1954.

OSU Prof-Executions Fewer Among States

4, 2010

An Ohio State University Professor says executions have seen a downturn across the country.

Ohio Parole Board Rejects Clemency for Kenneth Biros

17, 2009

The Ohio Parole Board has rejected mercy for a man who killed a woman and scattered her body parts and could be the first inmate executed using just one drug.