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Transportation Budget Cuts Alternative Fuel Mandate

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7, 2015

The state transportation signed into law last week removes alternative fuel benchmarks that had been in place for most of a decade.

Tanker Crash Sends Fuel Into Stream, Closes State Route 104

The accident happened Wednesday afternoon near the village of South Bloomfield.
13, 2014

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says part of State Route 104 will remain closed through Thursday after a tanker crash sent about 2,000 gallons of ethanol into a nearby stream.

Is Ethanol An Efficient Gasoline Additive?

VeraSun Energy's new Bloomingburg ethanol production facility
April 21, 2008

There’s a new refinery in Bloomingburg, Ohio. It’s an ethanol plant just outside the village of 900 people. Much of the major ingredient for producing ethanol – corn – will come from area farms. But there’s an ongoing debate about whether the energy used to produce ethanol makes it an efficient gasoline additive.

Ohio Farmers Consider Food-Fuel Options

4, 2008

At the grocery store and at the gas station, consumers are paying more this year for food and fuel. As a result, farmers in Ohio and across the United States face a critical financial choice as another growing season approaches. At issue: whether they should produce food or energy.

US Ag Secretary Says Ethanol A Viable Biofuel

November 28, 2007

The home grown Biofuel ethanol has been taking a lot of flack lately. Questions are growing about its environmental sustainability, whether it’s causing higher food prices, and how much of it will help the U.S. move toward energy independence. Acting U.S. Agriculture Secretary Chuck Connor, in Columbus Wednesday to address the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, tried to lay some of the doubts about ethanol to rest.

Ohio Farmers Help Meet Ethanol Demand

An ethanol plant under construction near Bloomingburg, OH. The demand for corn is boosting prices.
April 9, 2007

Ohio farmers apparently will follow a national trend this spring. They say they’ll plant about 15% more acres in corn this year — a move spurred mostly by the demand for ethanol. But some Fayette County farmers have been rethinking their spring planting decisions.

Ethanol Plant Planned for NW Ohio on Hold

24, 2007

Development officials in northwest Ohio say plans for a new ethanol plant in Defiance County are on hold.<

Ethanol May Not Be Energy Panacea

July 13, 2006

Construction will begin soon on another ethanol plant in Ohio. Governor Taft praised the project’s future economic benefits this week at a groundbreaking. Ethanol’s proponents say it’s a major solution to America’s petroleum dilemma. Critics, though, say it’s too expensive and requires too much energy to produce to be a viable alternative.

State considering increasing ethanol production

16, 2006

The federal government is focusing attention on research and development of ethanol. And the states are getting into the act too. The state of Ohio is considering a proposal to increase the amount of ethanol available to drivers. But even with that plan, Ohio is way behind other states in developing this alternative fuel.

EPA reaches agreement with livestock industry

24, 2005

The US Environmental Protection Agency is seeking public comment on an agreement with the livestock industry that it says will reduce air pollution from so-called factory farms. In Ohio there are about 140 of these farms including the Buckeye Egg Farm and large dairies and hog operations. But not everyone thinks it’s a good deal.