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Researchers Expect Thinner Lake Erie Algae Bloom

A satellite image shows a massive algae bloom in Lake Erie's western basin. Scientists have linked algae to water withdrawals, pollution, and farm runoff.
15, 2012

Researchers say the toxic blue-green algae in Lake Erie’s western basin likely will appear earlier this summer but remain less dense than last year’s record bloom, partly because of warmer, drier spring weather.

Ohio Pushes Wind Power on Lake Erie

29, 2010

Ohio officials are pushing plans to get Lake Erie, the shallowest of the Great Lakes, at the forefront of offshore wind power development.

Additional Ice Cutter Ordered to Lake Erie

5, 2010

The National Weather Service office at Cleveland has issued a small craft warning as ice continues to form on Lake Erie. The Coast Guard already has put ice cutting tugs to work to clear shipping lanes on the Great Lakes. The Cleveland station has a second tug on loan for the winter. Click the play button to hear the interview with Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class George Degener.

Environmental Activists Call for Appeal of Lake Erie Ruling

8, 2009

Environmental activists in Ohio expect the state attorney general to be on their side in a dispute over the public’s right to walk along the 312-mile shoreline of Lake Erie.

In Appeals Court, Lake Erie Landowners Win, Environmentalists Lose

25, 2009

Lake Erie landowners have won another round in court, in a long battle they’ve been having with environmental groups.

Obama Appoints Great Lakes Czar

4, 2009

Throughout Ohio’s industrial history, Lake Erie has been used as a receptacle for waste – and only in the last few decades has there been a real effort to clean it up. Now the Obama administration has chosen a “Great Lakes” czar to focus those clean up efforts.

Land dispute over Lake Erie shore continues

8, 2008

That dispute over who owns the strip of land along the Lake Erie shore is continuing to boil in the courts. And two top Democrats – the governor and the attorney general – continue to take different stands on the issue.

Endangered snake recovers on Lake Erie islands

Kristin Stanford coordinates research on the endangered Lake Erie water snakes. She places a captured snake into a pillow case held by research assistant Max Castorani. They will record information about the snake before releasing it.
August 3, 2007

An endangered snake is reclaiming a place on the shores of the Lake Erie islands. A long term study based at Ohio State University’s Stone Lab on Lake Erie monitors the snake’s numbers and habits, as well as its popularity among the islanders. The researchers’ efforts have brought the snake back from the brink of extinction in less than a decade.

Alien fish bully Lake Erie bass

Round gobies, introduced to Lake Erie in 1993, compete with young smallmouth bass.
August 2, 2007

With millions of tons of cargo moving among the Great Lakes each season, it’s easy for certain small passengers to go unnoticed. One of those was the round goby, a small bug-eyed fish from Eurasia that now swarms the shallow waters of Lake Erie. An ongoing study, based at Ohio State University’s Stone Lab on Gibraltar Island, documents how the gobies jockey for a position in the lake’s changing ecosystem.

Ohio Landowners Along Lake Erie Win Battle

13, 2007

Owners of Ohio land along the Lake Erie shore have just won a victory in their battles with state officials who regulate coastal land.