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AEP agrees to pay $4.6 billion to reduce acid rain emissions

October 9, 2007

Columbus-based American Electric Power has agreed to pay at least $4.6 billion to reduce chemical emissions blamed for spreading smog and acid rain across a dozen eastern states.

EPA wants to control pollutants in everyday toiletries

29, 2007

The Ohio EPA is considering doing something that’s only been done in one other state’s cracking down on the amount of air pollutants in hair spray, deodorant, furniture polish and other consumer products.

The Changing Face of the Clean Water Act

14, 2005

In June of 1969 a train crossing the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland tossed a spark that ignited oil and kerosene floating on the river’s surface. The fire spread to debris caugh beneath the train trestle, and the Cuyahoga River fire was born.