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Ohio Statehouse Going Green With Car Charging Stations

Ohio Statehouse
Ohio Statehouse To Add Charging Stations For Cars.
30, 2011

The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus is adding six charging stations for electric vehicles at its parking garage.

What Energy Source Holds The Most Promise for Ohio?

Posted: September 22, 2011

Governor John Kasich, scientists and business leaders this week have been studying Ohio’s energy future. Right now coal supplies more than 80% of Ohio’s electricity, but many seek alternatives: natural gas, solar, wind. What energy source do you think holds the most promise for Ohio?

Slow Start In Ohio For Wind Generated Electricity

Two of the Bowling Green Wind Turbines
8, 2011

Development of wind energy in Ohio is off to a slow start. Despite efforts to make energy production more sustainable, the state is home to only one utility scale wind farm. A plan for another larger project is being argued in the Ohio Supreme Court.

Popular Energy Drink Remains Top Seller Despite Complaints

18, 2010

Some Ohio State students are stocking up on a popular alcoholic energy drink before it undergoes changes. The drink is called Four Loco and is a top seller on campus. As the FDA declares the drink “unsafe,” Four Loco is on heavy order by carry outs and other businesses that sell alcohol.

OSU Analysis: State’s Green Energy Efforts Unlikely To Create Large Numbers Of New Jobs

15, 2010

States such as Ohio are hoping that development in the green energy sector will put residents back to work. But a new study by Ohio State University suggests that current efforts are not likely to generate large numbers of jobs.

Three Ohio Companies Create New “Energy” Jobs.

6, 2010

Ohio’s job picture is pixelated by politics. Already, voters are exposed to campaign ads calling attention to job losses or economic recovery plans. But, beyond the politics, some small energy and technology-based Ohio companies are working to turn some bright ideas and some investment capital into paychecks for workers.

Wind Energy Backers Want Tax Breaks

6, 2010

The campaign for more development of wind energy in Ohio was in Columbus. Backers of renewal energy sources went to COSI TO explain why it is critical for Ohio lawmakers to pass tax break legislation for developers.

State Lawmaker Pushes For Energy Efficiency Group

10, 2010

Last year, some customers of First Energy were outraged when they were sent 2 energy-saving light bulbs by the utility and then learned they’d be billed a total of more than 21 dollars for them. Now, a consumer advocacy agency and a state lawmaker are teaming up to propose a system they say could help utilities avoid that kind of public relations nightmare and still help promote energy efficiency.

Mount Vernon Business Awaits Jobs Plan From White House

7, 2009

A Mount Vernon manufacturer is looking to the nation’s capital to help boost its bottom line in 2010.

Energy Secretary Chu Announces $75 Million Award To AEP Ohio For Smart Grid Project

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu
November 24, 2009

The U.S. Secretary of Energy has announced the awarding of $75 million in federal stimulus money to American Electric Power’s Ohio subsidiary. Steven Chu says the money is part of the Obama administration’s efforts to update the country’s power grid.