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Going Solar in Central Ohio

29, 2009

Despite more reasonable energy costs and a weak economy, the solar panel industry is booming. Homeowners could purchase solar panels at a fraction of the cost as a result of federal and state rebates.

Consumer Activists Question Proposed Rules for Electric Rate Hikes

22, 2008

When Ohio legislators approved a new law on electricity rates earlier this year, they declared that details would be left up to utility regulators at the Public Utilities Commission.

Ohio House Finalizes Energy Plan

10, 2008

The Ohio House has finalized along-awaited energy plan to restructure the electricity industry and increase renewable energy investments in the state.

Electricity Prices May Stay in Hands of Government

23, 2008

Ohio legislators are continuing to hear conflicting testimony about whether they should keep having state government control electricity rates. At the moment, the Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to lose its regulatory power over electric bills, starting next year. But the Ohio Senate has approved a bill bringing back government price controls and a legislative committee in the house is now looking at it.

Utility Bills May Not Be a Burden Anymore

19, 2007

Ohioans who are having trouble keeping up with their utility bills won’t have to worry about having their heat shut off during this cold winter.

Consumer advocates fear electric hike amendment

21, 2007

Ohio consumer advocates have won a key battle in the legislature over controlling electricity rates, but they’re worried they may lose a second battle and the result could be soaring monthly bills for customers.

Senate passes electric re-regulation plan

31, 2007

Preventing Ohioans’ monthly electric bills from soaring. That’s a major goal of a complex measure that state senators passed Wednesday. If state representatives go along with the senate action, it will reverse a move that lawmakers made eight years ago, when they voted to phase out government control of electric rates.

Utilities fight proposed re-regulation of electricity

5, 2007

Ohio electric companies say Ohioans are going to have to pay higher monthly bills whether or not state legislators decide to have Ohio continue on the road toward government de-regulation. It’s the latest round in the debate over a planned move toward competition in the electricity industry.