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Democrats, Republicans At Odds Over Lame Duck Session

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9, 2012

There’s increasing partisan bickering about whether state lawmakers should address elections reform in the upcoming lame duck session.

Democrats Already Eyeing 2014 Campaign Against Kasich

Democrats distributed "Kasich...You're Next" signs at Election Night celebrations.
8, 2012

Ohioans are still recovering from the brutal, expensive political marathon that the 2012 campaign was, but some partisans were thinking ahead to the next campaign at the party on election night.

Federal Judge Demands Author Of Provisional Ballot Order

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7, 2012

A federal judge has angrily demanded that attorneys for Ohio’s elections chief name the author of an election-eve order that placed the responsibility of explaining what kind of identification voters use on provisional ballots on the voters themselves.

Elections Officials Prepared For Provisional Ballot Count

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5, 2012

State elections officials hope to declare the winner of Ohio’s 18 electoral votes on Election Night, but they’re prepared to turn to provisional ballots if necessary.

Second Auto Company Denounces Romney Ad

Executives at Jeep/Chrysler and GM have tried to clarify information they called misleading in Mitt Romney ads airing in Ohio.
1, 2012

First it was Jeep/Chrysler saying a Mitt Romney ad airing in Ohio was misleading. Now General Motors is criticizing an ad they say misleads voters into thinking GM is moving jobs overseas.

Appeals Court Shelves Ruling On Counting Provisional Ballots

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November 1, 2012

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati on Wednesday sided with Sec. of State Jon Husted in ruling that a lower court over-reached when it ruled provisional ballots cast at the wrong precinct and those cast in the wrong location all together should be counted.

Buyer Of Voter Billboards Outed, Calls Them Public Service Effort

Billboards like this one on W. Broad St. in Columbus were up for only a few days before Clear Channel Outdoor said they violated the company's policy against anonymous political messages.
30, 2012

A Wisconsin news organization and an advocacy group identified Stephen and Nancy Einhorn as the billboard buyers. The venture capitalist and Tea Party supporter now say they placed the billboards as a public service.

Early In Person Voting Ahead Of 2008

Campaign volunteers in front of Romney truck at early voting
Campaign volunteers pass out sample ballots in front of the early voting site.
29, 2012

The early voting period in Ohio is more than half over, and so far more than 33,000 have cast their ballots in person at Franklin County’s early voting center on Morse Road. That’s more than double the number who voted early four years ago. The voting center is abuzz with politicking and civic duty.

Brown, Mandel Trade Barbs In Final Debate

Dem. incumbent Sherrod Brown and Rep. challenger Josh Mandel have debated three times in recent weeks.
October 26, 2012

Last night’s third and final debate in Ohio’s contested U.S. Senate race once again featured insults and claims of dereliction of duty.

Romney Touts Jobs And Tax Plans In Worthington

Rep. presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks to supporters at Worthington Industries north of Columbus.
26, 2012

Mitt Romney continued to focus on the economy during a Thursday afternoon rally at Worthington Industries.