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Dealing with Ohio Cabin Fever – 19th Century Style

27, 2009

Cold temperatures, perpetual overcast skies and snow have many Central Ohioans feeling a bit of cabin fever. WOSU Commentator and local historian Ed Lentz tells us 19th century Ohioans coped with the winter doldrums.

Complaints About Central Ohio Weather Nothing New

22, 2008

The weather of the past week has had plenty of us complaining. WOSU Commentator and local historian Ed Lentz notes, the gripes are nothing new and are a year-round tradition.

How ‘Bout Dem Apples??? A Look at Ohio’s Apple History

17, 2008

Fall in Ohio is full of traditions: sightseeing in the Hocking Hills, raking leaves, watching Ohio State beat Michigan. WOSU commentator and local historian Ed Lentz explains the roots of another fall tradition.

Election 1840 – Ohio Was Battleground Then Too

6, 2008

Battleground Ohio. Swing state. As goes Ohio, so goes the nation. You’re quite possibly sick of hearing those clich s. For good or for bad, Ohio is once again prime real estate in the presidential race. WOSU commentator and local historian Ed Lentz tells us, buckeye voters have long had crucial votes.

1888 Columbus Convention Was One for the Ages

2, 2008

It’s political convention time. The democrats met in Denver last week. The republicans are meeting in St. Paul this week. Columbus has seen its share of conventions, most of them non-political. Local historian and WOSU commentator Ed Lentz remembers one 19th century convention that had a lasting impact.

Ravines, Their History Add to Columbus

21, 2008

Compared to the Rocky Mountains or the coast of Maine, the landscape of central Ohio seems pretty boring.But WOSU commentator and local historian Ed Lentz says if you think our landscape is boring, you’re not looking closely enough.

Columbus – Sometimes Being in the Middle Isn’t Bad

23, 2008

It’s been said Columbus has always had a bit of an inferiority complex – a feeling of inadequacy when compared to Cleveland and Cincinnati. Historian and WOSU commentator Ed Lentz traces the roots of these feelings.

Fixation with Lawncare Has Short History

19, 2008

This time of year, everyone is an expert landscaper. With cool temperatures and plenty of water, it’s hard not to have a nice green lawn. It’s not so easy during the hot summer. Lawn care has become an obsession for many in Central Ohio, but WOSU Commentator and historian Ed Lentz says the fixation is relatively new.

Spring Cleaning – Not a New Phenomenon

14, 2008

There are many unmistakable signs of Spring sprouting up around Central Ohio – tiny snow crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths. For many people spring cleaning is not far behind. Commentator Ed Lentz looks through the prism of history at the origins of Spring cleaning.

Ohio Bicentennials, Embrace Them

25, 2008

Columbus has a big birthday coming up in a few years. Planning for the city’s 2012 bicentennial is underway. WOSU Commentator Ed Lentz says such celebrations help us remember how far we’ve come.