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Downtown Columbus – Change is Constant

September 15, 2010

In Downtown Columbus lots of new buildings, bridges and parks are under construction. The work reminds WOSU Commentator and local historian Ed Lentz that no matter how much things change in Central Ohio, some things do not change very much at all.

A Dog’s Life – Worth Remembering, Celebrating

13, 2010

If you haven’t already noticed, these indeed are the dog days of summer here in Central Ohio. These lazy, hot days have WOSU Commentator Ed Lentz recalling some of his days with dogs.

Welcoming Spring – Then and Now

12, 2010

After a winter filled with the sounds of snow plows, lawn mowers are once again humming in Central Ohio neighborhoods. WOSU Commentator Ed Lentz notes that while some signs of spring have changed over the years, other signs have not.

The Short North Has a Long History

8, 2010

As WOSU TV launches its Columbus Neighborhoods Series with a profile of the Short North. WOSU Commentator and local historian Ed Lentz says the neighborhood has seen its share of changes over the decades.

Travel to the Center – Then and Now

4, 2010

As the state and federal governments move toward brining passenger rail service back to Columbus, they are moving to resurrect an old form of transportation. WOSU Commentator and historian Ed Lentz traces some of the changes.

Quest for Health Care Dollars – Nothing New

17, 2009

For all the rhetoric in Washington about health care reform the bottom line is people want a system that will keep them living healthy for a long time. WOSU commentator and local historian Ed Lentz says while the healthcare reform might be new, the quest for better health and health care dollars is not.

A Little Politicking – Then and Now

2, 2009

It’s the first Tuesday in November – Election day across Central Ohio and the nation. WOSU Commentator and local historian Ed Lentz explains how this day has changed .or remained the same over the years.

Gotta Minute? Time has a History

12, 2009

There never seems to be enough time in the day . We say it often. With the approach of winter, there is even less time in the day, or at least less sunshine. The growing night has WOSU Commentator Ed Lentz staring at his watch

Ohio Blooms Have Deep Roots

1, 2009

While it’s not known as a tropical paradise, Central Ohio is in full bloom. Peonies are bursting. Irises are stretching tall. WOSU Commentator and local historian Ed Lentz looks at Ohio’s gardening roots.

St. Pat’s – A Day to Celebrate All Immigants

16, 2009

Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day – the day when Irish Americans celebrate their heritage. Local Historian and WOSU Commentator Ed Lentz says the celebration should not be limited to those wearing green.