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Weekend Early Voting Brings Thousand Of Voters To Polls

Line from front
Voters line up outside the Franklin County early voting site on Morse Rd. on Sunday.
5, 2012

Thousands of people waited for hours in long lines during the last weekend of early voting in Ohio.

Storm Affects Ohio Early Voting, Get-Out-Vote Campaigns

Campaign volunteers in front of Romney truck at early voting
Campaign volunteers pass out sample ballots in front of the early voting site.
30, 2012

The damaging superstorm has been jeopardizing labor unions’ get-out-the-vote efforts in blue-collar areas of northeastern Ohio but contributing to record early-voting turnout in other parts of the battleground state.

Early In Person Voting Ahead Of 2008

Campaign volunteers in front of Romney truck at early voting
Campaign volunteers pass out sample ballots in front of the early voting site.
29, 2012

The early voting period in Ohio is more than half over, and so far more than 33,000 have cast their ballots in person at Franklin County’s early voting center on Morse Road. That’s more than double the number who voted early four years ago. The voting center is abuzz with politicking and civic duty.

Candidates And Supporters Make Final Push For Women Voters

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor (yellow shirt) and former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery (plaid skirt) have been trying to get Ohio women to support MItt Romney. On the right, former Ohio First Lady Frances Strickland talks to a group of young women outside the Franklin County early voting center.
26, 2012

Supporters of both President Obama and Mitt Romney are doing their best to sway Ohio women in this key battleground state.

Franklin County Prepares For “Day Long” Early Voting Lines

Franklin County moved its early voting site to an old Kohl's store on Morse Rd. to accomodate longer lines and allow people to wait inside.
October 16, 2012

The Franklin County Board of Elections met for a special meeting Monday as Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted awaits a U.S. Supreme Court decision on early in-person voting for the three days before Election Day.

Obama Campaign Asks Court To Allow Early Voting

13, 2012

President Barack Obama’s campaign is urging the U.S. Supreme Court not to consider the Ohio secretary of state’s appeal in a dispute over early voting in the presidential battleground state.

Franklin County Clarifies Absentee Ballot Postage

Instructions that come with every absentee ballot tell voters it takes 65 cents to return the two-page ballot, but the Board of Elections says the U.S. Postal Service has vowed to deliver all ballots regardless of postage.
11, 2012

It costs 65 cents to return an absentee ballot in Franklin County this year. But the Board of Elections says ballots will be counted regardless of postage.

Husted: Ohio Is Ready For Early Voting

Early voters in Franklin Cty
Early voters line up at the Franklin County early-voting center near the corner of Morse Rd. and Karl Rd.
2, 2012

Tuesday brings the start of in-person early voting for Ohio’s 88 counties. The state’s elections chief says the state is ready.

County Boards Of Elections Make Final Preps for Early Voting

Franklin County elections officials opted to move early voting to the old Kohl's Store at the corner of Morse Rd. and Karl Rd. They hope the increased space will keep lines inside the building. Voters had to wait outside Vets Memorial during the 2008 presidential election.
October 1, 2012

Boards of elections around the state are getting ready for tomorrow’s start of early voting.

Early Voting Moves To Morse Road

Early in-person voting begins October 2. The Franklin County Board of Elections spokesperson said the Morse Road early polling location will be easier and faster for voters than the 2008 location in Downtown Columbus.
28, 2012

Early in-person voting beings Tuesday. And this year, the Franklin County Board of Elections thinks its choice for the early polling place will be easier on voters compared to the 2008 presidential election.