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Columbus Woman Gets Jail For Drunken Driving In School Bus

tia denton
Tia Denton was sentenced to five days in jail for driving a school bus with two children on board while drunk.
11, 2014

A central Ohio woman accused of drunken driving on a school bus with two young students aboard is serving five days in jail.

“No Refusal Weekend” in Columbus

2, 2008

Columbus police plan to spend the holiday weekend cracking down on drunk drivers. From July 3rd through the 5th, police will have extra traffic officers working overtime, and those suspected of driving under the influence may face additional consequences.

Group says Ohio Sobriety Checkpoints Ineffective

19, 2007

Ohio is one of 40 states that use sobriety checkpoints to screen for drunk drivers. But a group representing the restaurant industry says Ohio’s sobriety checkpoints are ineffective. The American Beverage Institute says checkpoints caught fewer than one percent of people driving under the influence. They say saturation or roving police patrols are far more efficient.

Ohio Lawmakers Seek Crackdown on Drunk Driving

20, 2007

Ohio legislators are looking at yet another way to crack down on drunk drivers.

Police Plan Extra Drunk Driving Enforcement for St. Patrick’s Day

Nicole Leasure lost her 20-year-old sister Caitlin, an Otterbein College student, to a drunk driver in March 2006.
March 15, 2007

The Franklin County DUI Task Force will be working overtime this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and the NCAA play offs.

Breathalyzer Tests Questioned By Defense Attorneys

6, 2006

Prosecutors, judges and juries often use the results of breathazlyzer tests to convict people of driving drunk. But many defense attorneys say the tests are not always reliable.

Columbus’ First Lady Sentenced in drunk driving case

21, 2005

The wife of Mayor Michael Coleman, Frankie Coleman, pleaded guilty today to a drunk driving charge and was sentenced to three days in jail, fined 250 dollars and given restricted driving privileges. Mrs. Coleman was arrested in October by Bexley Police following an accident on Cassingham Road. A breath test found she had a blood alcohol level of .271.

Lawyers try to keep Frankie Coleman out of jail

4, 2005

Attorneys for the wife of Columbus Mayor Coleman say they want to keep their client out of jail. They’re questioning the qualifications of the Bexley police officer who gave Frankie Coleman a breathalyzer test last month following a traffic accident. That strategy, according to a Columbus attorney, is a standard defense in drunken driving cases.