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Columbus Rehires School Bus Company For Substitute Drivers

Columbus City Schools rehires a school bus company to staff enough substitute drivers for the district.
18, 2013

Ohio’s largest school district is trying to solve a shortage of bus drivers by getting substitutes from the private busing company it fired last year.

New Push To Ban Red-Light Cameras

File photo
16, 2013

There’s a new push to ban the cameras that issue tickets to Ohio speeders and red-light runners.

COTA Deal Can’t Head Off Driver Strike

The strike means there will be no fixed-route service today, but Will Call and non-ADA trips will not be affected.
2, 2012

About 600 drivers and mechanics are out on strike today, even after reaching a tentative labor deal with COTA executives late last night.

Transport Workers Deliver Strike Notice To COTA

Workers could strike in time to disrupt Red, White and Boom.
22, 2012

The union representing nearly 700 workers at the Central Ohio Transit Authority delivered a strike notice to COTA today.

What If 78,000 Central Ohioans Stopped Driving, For Good?

Central Ohio Transit Authority bus. COTA says it could not handle 78,000 new riders quickly.
19, 2011

Central Ohioans always are being encouraged to take alternate modes of transportation, be it the bus, a bike or just walking. And this Thursday, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission wants people to abandon their car for the day. WOSU takes a look at what would happen if people really abandoned their cars in Central Ohio, for good.

Bike Advocate Says State Slow To Better Laws

27, 2010

Last week, 20-year-old Jeffrey Stevenson, of Dublin, suffered fatal injuries after he was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike along Sawmill Road. That same day, Brent Nimmo, got a ticket on Alum Creek Drive for not riding his bike close enough to the shoulder of the road. Bicycle advocates say these are two examples of why the state needs to incorporate more comprehensive information about bicycle laws into drivers’ education.

New BMV Rules Cause Some Undocumented Workers To Leave Ohio

21, 2009

Two weeks ago, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles canceled about 42,000 vehicle registrations because the owners hadn’t proven their identities with a driver’s license, state ID card, or social security number. That move has hit undocumented immigrants especially hard. Some of them have actually left the state.

Ohio Leads U.S. in Increase of Impaired Women Drivers Involved in Fatal Crashes

19, 2009

The government says the number of women arrested for drunken driving has increased nearly 30 percent during the past decade, representing a dangerous trend for Americans on the nation’s roads.

Challenge Possible of Plans to Draw Blood from Repeat Drunken Drivers

19, 2008

Later this year, police in Ohio might have the power to forcibly take blood from suspected repeat drunk drivers.

House-passed Bill Restricts Young Drivers

24, 2006

Sixteen year old drivers in Ohio will soon have some new limits, that is, if state representatives get their way.