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Scioto Mile Park Boosts Downtown Attractions

Scioto Mile at Night
The appeal of living in downtown Columbus gets a major boost this summer with the planned opening of the Scioto Mile — the park under construction along the Scioto River
13, 2011

The appeal of living in downtown Columbus gets a major boost this summer with the planned opening of the Scioto Mile – the park under construction along the Scioto River. Property owners and housing developers hope the park will attract buyers, but they are having some difficulty doing that.

Downtown Columbus – Change is Constant

September 15, 2010

In Downtown Columbus lots of new buildings, bridges and parks are under construction. The work reminds WOSU Commentator and local historian Ed Lentz that no matter how much things change in Central Ohio, some things do not change very much at all.

More Federal Dollars For Downtown Split

19, 2010

A name change for roads involved in the I-70/I-71 renovation project is expected to bring in more federal dollars for the multi-million dollar plan.

Residents Have Ideas for Downtown Blueprint

14, 2010

Columbus City Council is creating a bluprint for downtown. City council members want a ten-year plan to ensure a thriving economy for businesses and residents of the state’s capital.

Mayor Michael Coleman Outlines Neighborhood Improvements

24, 2010

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman reflected on how far the city has come and where he wants to take it during his 11th State of the City address Wednesday night at the Lincoln Theatre.

Columbus Officials Try To Entice Retailers Downtown

18, 2009

The City of Columbus is offering incentives to convince business owners to locate downtown and to fix up the storefronts. WOSU reports the grants and tax abatements aim to fill vacant stores. But some store owners are not convinced the incentives will work.

Will City Center Demolition Spur Residential, Retail Growth?

13, 2009

The CEO of the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation is defending the demolition of the City Center Mall as the best option for the site. Guy Worley spoke Wednesday to the Columbus Metropolitan Club

New Downtown TIF will benefit only Downtown area; Other states do it differently

10, 2008

Columbus City Council approved another TIF district that’s supposed to help with Downtown’s revitalization. WOSU took a deeper look into the TIF structure and how one other state handles TIFs.

Streetcar Financial Details to be Released Thursday

March 26, 2008

Now that Net Jets will remain and expand in Columbus, Mayor Coleman is turning his attention to ground-based public transportation. In a meeting tonight, Coleman will release details of a financing plan that would see the return of street cars.

More parking garages for downtown Columbus?

16, 2008

Some people consider parking in downtown Columbus, well, a commodity. At times finding a place to park can be quite difficult, especially if there’s a big event in progress. Mayor Michael Coleman announced he wants to build two parking garages with construction starting this year.