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Northland Residents To Meet With City Officials About Crime

21, 2010

A group of residents from Columbus’ Northland neighborhood will meet to plead with city officials. Leaders of the local civic association say heroin trafficking is dragging down the neighborhood.

Board of Elections Democrats, Republicans Deadlocked Over Absentee Ballot Application Mailings

1, 2009

The Franklin County Board of Elections could again discuss whether to mail absentee ballot applications for the August 4th special election. Columbus voters will decide next month whether to raise the city’s income tax, and early balloting is underway. But voters are not automatically receiving absentee ballot applications in the mail. That’s because of a vote along partly lines that deadlocked the Franklin County Board of Elections.

Ohio Pig Farmers Feel Effects Of Swine Flu Coverage

29, 2009

The swine flu has brought increased attention to the practices of pig farmers. Ohio has more 4,000 pork producers.

Fire Diminishes Ambiance of Grandview

22, 2009

Investigators continue to look for the cause of last week’s devastating fire in the center of Grandview. The blaze destroyed a block of buildings and left business owners scrambling to find new homes.

Council’s Democratic Appointees ‘An Outrage’ According to Republican Leader

January 12, 2007

Democratic city officials are applauding two appointments Thursday to the Columbus City Council. But a local Republican leader says the selections are nothing more than politics as usual at city hall.