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OSU Rakes In $404 Million In Donations In Fiscal Year

The donations reported in the fiscal year ending June 30 were just shy of the record $407 million in 2011-12.
22, 2014

Ohio State University says it took in a near-record $404 million in donations in the past 12 months.

Plasma Donation Centers Are Overcrowded But Donations Can Not Meet Demand

20, 2007

During the holiday season, a little extra money always comes in handy. Some Columbus area residents are turning to plasma donations to get it but are finding themselves stuck waiting in long lines in order to donate.

Candidates Enjoy the Season of Receiving

10, 2007

It’s the season of giving – to Presidential candidates. The woman and men running for President are raising hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions. WOSU Commentator Michael Ivey suggests maybe some people being a little too generous.

Holiday toy donations affected by toy recalls

4, 2007

Millions of toys have been recalled this year – many of them because they contained high levels of lead. With the holiday gift-giving season in full swing many people are worried which toys are safe to give children. But the concern does not stop there. This year many charitable organizations implemented new procedures to ensure their toy donations are not harmful.