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Diebold Delays Global Headquarters in NE Ohio

Diebold announces plan to delay world headquarters; shed jobs.
25, 2012

Diebold – maker of ATMs and voting machines – says it’s “indefinitely” holding off on plans to build a new global headquarters in the Summit County city of Green.

Ohio Returning to Paper Ballots?

21, 2007

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner wants Cuyahoga County to switch from electronic touch screen voting to an optical scanning system that uses paper ballots. Elections officials in other counties wonder if they too will be required to make the change.

Fairfield County Switches to Touch Screen Voting

7, 2005

Three-quarters of Ohio voters cast their ballots using punch cards. But the punch card system is coming to an end thanks to the federal government which has mandated their elimination by 2006. Half of Ohio’s counties will use electronic machines tomorrow – most will use touch screen machines manufactured by Ohio-based Diebold.