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A Friend Recalls George Steinbrenner

14, 2010

New York Yankees owner and Ohio native George Steinbrenner died Tuesday, a little over a week after his 80th birthday. Steinbrenner, who was born in Rocky River near Cleveland, had been in fragile health for years. The New York Yankees won 7 World Series championships during Steinbrenner’s ownership. A friend and former Yankees employee Dick Smith commented Tuesday in Columbus on his long-standing relationship with Steinbrenner.

Ohio State Considers Transition to Semester System

3, 2008

Friday is the final day of classes for the fall quarter at Ohio State. In a few years it could be the end of the fall semester. Governor Ted Strickland wants to more closely coordinate the offerings of the state’s public colleges and universities. That includes changing the few remaining institutions that use the quarter system to a semester-based academic calendar.