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Rats Invade Clintonville Neighborhood

Columbus Public Health Dept
A new study by the Columbus Public Health Department shows a widespread rat invasion in Clintonville.
19, 2013

Rats moving into Clintonville force residents to change some of their habits. A recent study by the Columbus Public Health Department shows a widespread rat invasion.

Political Parties Have Different Take-Aways From Election Results

The Ohio GOP, the Ohio Democratic Party, and the leader of the Portage County Tea Party all see hopeful messages in this week's election results.
November 8, 2013

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same could be true with this week’s election results.

Dems, GOP Push Bills On Government Transparency

File photo
4, 2013

Lawmakers in the Ohio House from both political parties have introduced several bills that they say will improve government transparency. But the word “transparency” is being used by both sides in different ways.

Minor Party Rules Clear House Despite Objection Of Dems.

The rules expected to be signed into law by the governor would require minor parties to gather signatures equal to one percent of the vote in the most recent election for governor or president, and that a minor party must get at least two percent of that total vote to qualify for future ballots.
31, 2013

A bill that would put new rules on minor party candidates has cleared a major legislative hurdle despite objections from Democrats who call it “The John Kasich Re-election Protection Act.”

Senate President: Governor Likely Has Medicaid Expansion Votes

State lawmakers are scheduled to hear more details today about several other Medicaid proposals, including one bill that would expand the health care program.
October 16, 2013

Senate President Keith Fabor says Gov. John Kasich likely would not have brought Medicaid expansion to the Ohio Controlling Board if he didn’t have the votes.

Ohio Braces For Potential Government Shutdown

capitol building
The Federal Government could shut down at midnight if Republican and Democratic lawmakers fail to come to an agreement on a federal spending bill.
September 30, 2013

Ohio is bracing for the potential consequences of a looming government shutdown, from workers who live paycheck to paycheck to program directors worried about further impacts for already dwindling services for low-income clients.

Senate Democrat Backs New Medicaid Expansion Plan

Cafaro’s bill takes many elements of the bipartisan reform bill that has yet to be heard in committee – but she says those elements will save the state money through cost efficiency and legislative oversight.
July 31, 2013

A Democratic state senator says politics are holding up Medicaid expansion and reform, so she’s proposing a bill that she says will force the issue. But Republicans leaders still appear hesitant to expand the program.

Democrats Propose Gun Confiscation During “Cooling Off” Period

The proposed legislation would require those subject to protection orders to temporarily give up their weapons to law enforcement.
16, 2013

Some Statehouse Democrats say gun owners should have to give up their weapons during a “cooling off” period after they’ve been served with a restraining order.

Ohio Democrats Gather In Columbus For Annual Dinner

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald is so far the only Ohio Democrat to form an exploratory committee for a possible run for governor in 2014.
18, 2013

Ohio Democrats had a big weekend as they started planning for big campaigns ahead next year. The Ohio Democratic Party’s annual statewide dinner began just hours after a possible contender declined to run in the 2014 governor’s race.

‘Freshman’ Lawmakers Find Place In State Legislature

File photo
January 8, 2013

Of the 132 state lawmakers sworn for the new General Assembly, 18 are there for the first time.