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Michelle Obama stumps in Columbus

Michelle Obama addresses a crowd at the Ohio State University.
February 15, 2008

The wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama campaigned for him in Columbus Friday. In a speech to more than 300 on the Ohio State University campus, Michelle Obama portrayed her husband as a uniter with a world view.

Ohioans might decide presidential nominees after all?

11, 2008

Pay attention, Ohioans you may still play a key role in deciding who the major parties nominate for President. That’s the advice from political scientist John Green of the University of Akron. For many months, it looked as if the Democrats and Republicans might be anointing their nominees before Ohio’s March 4th primary election. But Green says things have shifted.

Internet Video Jabs Republican Party

August 29, 2006

The race for governor this year is serious business in Ohio. But some advocates are trying to use humor as a political weapon. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports on a new video satire that Democrats are circulating, poking fun at Republicans.